Our Approach

TD NRI Diagram Main ApproachAt Navitas Professional Training, we provide organisations with enhanced outcomes through the development of their workforce, as well as giving the individuals within that workforce relevant, practical and transferable skills. Our approach is characterised by a number of key factors:

Understanding the Client Need

An important aspect of our delivery model is the initial consulting engagement between our Client Service Team and consultants with key stakeholders in our clients’ organisations. Using appropriate consulting methodologies and diagnostic instruments, this process allows us to gain a thorough understanding of how our clients’ organisations ‘live and breathe’ and how we can help them achieve their objectives.

Customised Design

Utilising the information obtained from our initial consulting, we work collaboratively with our clients to design a workforce development solution aligned to the company’s strategy, culture and organisational objectives. The resultant programs and services are relevant, pragmatic and able to deliver ‘quick wins’ as well as long-term performance improvements.

Flexibility of Delivery

At Navitas Professional Training we recognise the importance of flexibility in delivering programs and services to our clients, so as to minimise operational downtime, service multiple locations and work within varying rosters.

We achieve this flexibility through a number of factors, including:

  • various delivery options including on and off-the-job, company specific training and cooperative training through combining organisations in a training syndicate 
  • experience and mobility of consultants able to work in varying locations, including remote sites
  • smart utilisation of technology and online learning

Return on Investment

A key objective in our work for our clients is to demonstrate program effectiveness, particularly the return on the associated investment.

This return may be seen in various forms:

  • definitive cost savings and efficiency gains, often delivered through ‘real-life’ projects undertaken as part of our programs and services
  • enhanced managerial effectiveness
  • improved safety outcomes and decreased Lost Time Injury (LTI) rates

In all of our engagements, our consultants will assist in determining the most appropriate measures required and report on improvements throughout the program. 

Long-Term Partnerships

Navitas Professional Training strives to build successful, long-term strategic partnerships with our clients, based on achieving best practice and sustainable change, ensuring competitive advantage.

Building partnerships brings long-term benefits and lasting value, allowing our clients to develop and grow their business.