Our Programs & Services

The core focus of Navitas Professional Training is on skills development and capability building in organisations. This is reflected in our service offerings, which concentrate on key issues facing industry, such as productivity, project management, leadership effectiveness, workplace safety and logistics.

The five areas of our programs and services are outlined below:

Productivity & Efficiency  |  Project Management & Execution  |  Leadership & Management  |

Safety & Risk Management  |  Transport & Logistics

Workforce Development Pathway

At Navitas Professional Training, we believe in creating a development pathway for employees, starting at the ‘Team Member’ level and progressing through to supervisory and managerial levels. This development pathway can encompass a variety of learning mechanisms to encourage skill development, from short courses through to coaching programs, accredited skill sets and full qualifications.

The graphic below illustrates the levels at which we design our programs and services, tailoring our approach to suit the specific roles within our clients’ organisations.

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Programs and qualifications at Team Member level are typically undertaken by operational and administrative staff, new employees and sub-contractors, all of whom might be demonstrating leadership potential or requiring specific skill training in order to enhace their competence.

Employees who typically undertake programs and qualifications at this level include team leaders, leading hands, new supervisors and others in first line managerial positions. The focus of our programs and services at the Emerging Talent level is on employees transitioning from being individual contributors to leading others, either through the enhancement of their general managerial capability or through leadership development in specific areas such as safety, project management, operational efficiency or logistics.

The Leader / Manager level covers a variety of roles, including experienced supervisors, superintendents, team leaders, business and operational managers within the organisation. Our programs at this level focus on leaders who are established, to a greater or lesser degree, within their organisation or field of specialisation.