Productivity & Efficiency

Delivering optimum outputs and results from available resources is a critical objective of today’s organisations. Key to achieving this goal is working productively and efficiently, eliminating wastes such as workforce inefficiencies, excessive stock levels and ineffective process flows. Such ‘lean’ concepts are now well known in manufacturing environments but are also relevant across many different industries and operations.

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TD NRI Steps Diagram Productivity

Our Productivity & Efficiency programs at the team member level focus on introducing key concepts and tools associated with the elimination of waste.

Programs can include:

  • MSS30316 Certificate III in Competitive Systems & Practices
  • Short courses based on lean methodologies and tools:
    • 5S
    • Value Stream Mapping

At this level, program focus turns to leading the implementation of efficiency initiatives. With this focus comes a more in-depth awareness of the tools and processes involved with business improvement and waste elimination.

Programs can include:

  • MSS40316 Certificate IV in Competitive Systems & Practices
  • Short courses based on lean methodologies and tools


Our programs at Leader / Manager level are intended for those with responsibilities for business improvement. Employees at this level are likely to have a level of proficiency with lean tools and concepts and are looking to take this understanding to the next level.

Programs can include:

  • Advanced Competitive Programs
  • Short courses based on advanced lean methodologies and tools