Project Management & Execution

Project management is a key skill in today’s workforce, and not just for those with the title of ‘Project Manager’. In fact, the key principles, tools and concepts involved in Project Management are relevant and beneficial skills for employees in most fields and roles. This is particularly true where schedule, cost, quality and safety management are independently or collectively crucial to successful business outcomes.

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Our programs at the Team Member level provide an introduction to the concepts, tools and methods of project management. We offer a range of short courses, skill sets and full qualifications for employees wishing to gain these fundamental skills.

Programs can include:

  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Schedule Management
  • Introduction to Scope Management

For employees requiring a more thorough understanding of the principles of successful project management and execution, we offer a range of short courses through to full qualifications.

These programs aim to enable employees to ensure that their projects meet cost, schedule, quality and safety objectives.

These programs can include:

  • BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
  • Introduction to Project Management for Supervisors 

Programs at this level focus on employees who are leading, or beginning to lead their own projects and contributing more fully to wider organisational projects.

Programs can include:

  • Managing Project Governance
  • Managing Project Stakeholder Engagement