Transport & Logistics

In today’s global and fast-paced marketplace, effective storage and movement of materials and products between manufacture, distribution and sale can be a source of significant competitive advantage.

Our programs in Transport and Logistics help organisations optimise key aspects of their supply chain and logistics operations by providing employees with some of the key skills, tools and processes associated with warehousing, transport and inventory management.

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TD NRI Diagram Transport
TD NRI Steps Diagram Transport

For operational employees, we offer a range of programs to provide a thorough grounding in best practice Transport & Logistics principles and processes.

Programs can include:

  • Dispatch and Receipt Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Stock Control

At the ‘Emerging Talent’ level, our programs focus on starting to integrate elements and see the ‘bigger picture’ of Transport & Logistics and the supply chain function.

Programs can include:

  • Organising Goods and Freight Transport

For leaders and managers who possess a solid grounding in supply chain concepts and tools, our advanced Transport & Logistics programs focus on the wider organisational considerations and impacts of effective warehousing and logistics operations.

Programs can include:

  • Operational Procedures for Transport & Logistics
  • Managing a Supply Chain